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Get the 'Silly String II' compact disc, 'Delectable Machinery' compact disc, 'Finite: Complete' compact disc (in black or white), the 'Silly String Redux' compact disc, the 'Finite III' compact disc, the 'Projects III' compact disc, the 'Midnight Acolyte' compact disc, the 'Fall and Response' compact disc, the 'For Further Posterity', the 'Dotty Ditties, Volume 3(*) *A Collection', the 'Travis Orbin (This Is a Self-Titled Record)' compact disc, the 'Delectable Machinery II' compact disc, both 'The Soundtrack of Nonexistence' compact discs, or the ‘Silly String III’ compact disc.

CDs can either be signed or not signed.

I will also send you download links with high-quality MP3s+art for whichever record(s) you purchase. If you purchase the 'Silly String Redux' CD, you'll receive a bonus MP3: the epic "Redux" in its original form, with only drums and MIDI synths. If you purchase the 'Dotty Ditties 3(*) *A Collection' CD, you'll receive the entire record along with the original DD1 and DD2, and "Misinterpreting Movies" master WAV files.

Ultimate Collector's Packages:
The 'Delectable Machinery' Ultimate Collector's Package includes the following: both DMI and DMII signed CDs, the actual snare drum heads utilized in the recording sessions (signed and personalized), the drum charts for both albums (signed and personalized), and the original artwork used for the DMI album cover (framed); this isn't a proof (certificate of authenticity included).

The 'Finite III' Ultimate Collector's Package includes the following:
signed CD, the actual snare drum head utilized in the recording (signed and personalized), and the drum charts for the entire album (signed and personalized).